On Hiatus: Cruise to Alaska

Category: Personal,Vacation
MTW @ 9:26 pm on June 29, 2006

I’m leaving tomorrow for the family cruise from Seattle to Alaska. It should be fun – I’m looking forward to a break. It’ll be a number of firsts for me, including my first time on a cruise, my first time west of Ohio or north of Toronto, as well as various other things. Here’s the [...]

Freshmen Orientation at TCNJ

Category: TCNJ
MTW @ 2:01 pm on June 28, 2006

A long, drawn out entry about my Freshmen Orientation at TCNJ, June 28th, 2006. Includes the breakfast, boring welcoming speeches, workshop/panels, as well as meeting the Math department and choosing classes. Exciting stuff! (not really)