The job at FGI, after 1 week

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MTW @ 6:28 pm on July 25, 2006

As a follow-up to “Finally got a Job!”, I’d like to say that the job’s going pretty well so far. I’ve noticed however that the summer seems to go by so much faster than before I was working. Usually I have a pretty good sense of time and what I did during the week, but by the end of this week each day ran together like you wouldn’t believe. It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t done as much at home as I would normally do. Guess it takes alittle getting used to.

IT finally got around to setting up my email and Windows accounts, and as far as The Franklin Group domain is concerned, I am “Matthew Wolverton”. I’m used to it.

Chris is working with me now! He has the 9:30-6 shift (I have 8:30-5) so doing stuff after work might take alittle…. work to… work out. Hopefully we’ll get to take lunches though – exciting!

If you ever need to contact me at work, the preferred method is my work email,

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  • Nicole

    isn’t it terrible? i can hardly remember what day it is, haha, never mind what i DID each week. working is such FUN.

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