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MTW @ 11:47 pm on August 24, 2006

Well I finally got around to building my college computer (the day before I move in). The parts I bought all from, and it’s a slightly different configuration from what I previously posted. The entire build took about 1 hour, from start to finish.


The parts, before assembly

[I was going to write a story about how I put it together and everything and it was going to go here. However I lost interest and you would probably do the same reading it. Therefore you can just look at the pictures here]

Finally done with the hardware, I went on to trying to set up the software on the machine. I decided on the name TULIP for reasons only some of you are meant to get – dont think too hard about it if you dont.

My first attempt at installing Windows XP proved unsuccessful (the installation phase after 1st restart happened twice for some reason, and then after auto-login, explorer failed to load). I realized the media was faulty, and proceeded to burn another copy of the disc. After trying installing with the new media, I ran into problems after booting which I eventually pinned down to the memory having issues. After doing a little research I realized that the LanParty motherboard was not liking the ValueRAM I had fed it. I was forced to make it run single-channel at 333MHz, which I was NOT happy about.

Even though it installed with the RAM at 400MHz, it was a corrupt installation, so running at 333MHz still resulted in system instability. The answer was to start from scratch (this was at about 10PM), re-installing Windows with the RAM at 333MHz. This went flawlessly, and within minutes I was running on a stable system and installation.

It’s working very well – quite snappy and all. Running BOINC on it shows it performs considerably better than the VPRM2660, but that’s not saying much. Because of that memory problem, an upgrade for the memory (probably to 2 or 3 GB, but this time with the right speed) is in order. A new power supply would be the next thing on the list….

  • AndrewP

    Nice build MTW. Im suprised that you didn’t incorporate more ex-IHS parts in there tho.

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