mtwstudios Service Announcement

MTW @ 5:54 pm on August 25, 2006

I recieved an email today from my hosting provider informing me that my disk usage limit was being approached.  Partly in response to this, and partly for other reasons, will be suspending account and quota changes for the time being.   This means you wont be able to request more space with which to host your photos.   I’m also not honoring any new user registrations.

More details about other services will be posted here with a better explanation when I get the chance.

Hopefully I’ll be able to lift the restrictions soon.   As a side thought, placing small advertisements would help take care of the cost.  Would placing ads on the site be an acceptable way to keep it free and expandable?  Comment.

  • Joe the Alto

    Ads would be fine with me. I mean, you’re offering a great number of things for free on here, so people can’t complain if you need ads to help you with that.

  • Kelly Adams

    Er… I could go put my photos elsewhere, if you wanted me to.

    Let me know.

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