My Discrete Professor on Circular Arguments

Category: TCNJ
MTW @ 5:12 pm on September 25, 2006

“Circular arguments really annoy me. How can you start off a proof with the statement of the result? If I claimed I could prove kangaroos are fish and began my demonstration with the statement ‘well obviously kangaroos are fish‘ you would scoff at my proof. However, most students see nothing wrong with the same foolishness [...]

New Job: TCNJ Tech Shop

Category: Personal,TCNJ,Tech,Work
MTW @ 4:59 pm on September 21, 2006

Well I’ve finally started my new job on campus, working for the school’s Tech Shop. It’s good to finally get paid for what I’d be doing for people anyway . The Tech Shop is the branch of the IT Department which deals with hardware and software maininence, inventory, and support for all of the school’s [...]

Site Launch: TCNJ MENC

MTW @ 4:44 pm on September 14, 2006

Tuesday marked the launch of a new site in the network – ! This site was built to replace the previous site, which had been up for a number of years and was in terrible need of a redesign. mtwstudios was chosen to redesign the site after submitting a design in response to [...]