Upgrade to Gallery 2.2

MTW @ 2:35 pm on January 28, 2007

I’ve just finished migrating from Gallery version 2.1.1 to the latest release candidate 2.2-RC1. After having to manually fix everything the updater broke, I’m glad to see that there have been additions to the product.

  • Tag/Keyword Support – Now all those tags I spent adding to pictures wont be in vain! Keywords are now searchable, and you can click on a keyword for a particular item to view other items that match that keyword.
  • Dynamic Albums – Long awaited support for dynamic albums lets me do things like albums for Highly Rated, Most Viewed, Recently Added, as well as albums based on a particular keyword.
  • Autorotation – Gallery will now auto-rotate the pictures from the EXIF property Orientation if your camera has an orientation sensor.
  • Watchlist – Now on each album, there’s a ‘Watch’ button on the sidebar where you can have notify you (via email) whenever a new item is added to that album. Think of it as equivalent to the Facebook mini-feed…

Also, in celebration of nothing in particular, I’m bumping up the quota for all normal users to 1GB. Enjoy! :-)

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