I Turn to Mice

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MTW @ 9:15 am on December 19, 2007

香香-“老鼠爱大米 “(Xiang Xiang – “Lao Shu Ai Da Mi (Mouse Loves Rice)”) + Cristina Aguilera – “I Turn To You” =

DJ MTW - “I Turn To Mice”
[mp3 format, 6.67MB]

After being introduced to the 杨臣刚 version by WoK a month or two ago, 老鼠爱大米 quickly became a staple on my playlist. At some point, I was like “Hey…. this chord progression sounds familiar.” A few hours of editing in my room later, I Turn To Mice was born.

I actually finished it (to the point it is now) about a month ago, thinking I’d come back to it at some point. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened, and I’ve decided to release it despite of its semi-finished state.

Comments, suggestions are welcome! Enjoy!

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