New York Buddhist Church 61st Annual Obon Dance Festival!

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MTW @ 7:55 pm on September 7, 2010

After helping my good friend and fellow photographer Chris Cheng set up his own website, I realized I should actually make an attempt to update my own blog.

Earlier this summer, I attended this year’s NYC Obon Festival in Bryant Park.  You may remember my post from the same event in 2008.  This year’s was even better, and both Hoh Daiko and Soh Daiko put on great performances!

Friend and fellow photographer Irene Wu helped cover the event.  We shot two video angles, both in 1080p, and edited them together afterwards, and also shot photos.

[Soh Daiko: Matsuri, on YouTube]

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    Nice and colourful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us

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