TCNJ Online Campus Event Calendar

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MTW @ 11:14 pm on December 30, 2010

I’ve been grumbling about my alma mater‘s campus events calendar since I was a freshman (5 years ago), and nothing has improved since then.  My major gripes include its slowness, unreliability, the fact that you’re not able to easily link to a specific page, and how long it actually takes to get something posted on [...]

Goodbye TCNJ, Hello New York Times!

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MTW @ 10:45 pm on May 24, 2010

So it’s been awhile since I last posted (over a year).  You know what they say, time flies! My last year at TCNJ was quite enjoyable – I caught up with a lot of old friends, met a bunch of new friends, and still found time for class and other projects. This year saw (among [...]

New York Buddhist Church 59th Annual Obon Dance Festival!

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MTW @ 9:35 pm on July 24, 2008

Last Sunday, a number of us had the opportunity to go to the New York Buddhist Church‘s 59th Annual Obon Dance Festival in Bryant Park, NYC. Most of us had never been to an Obon before, so we weren’t sure exactly to expect, but it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience and I’m [...]

2008 Intercollegiate Taiko Invitationals @ Stanford University!

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MTW @ 7:34 pm on June 6, 2008

On the weekend on May 23-25, myself and two other members of TCNJ Taiko, Chris Leone and Stephanie Pypniowski, had the opportunity to travel out to Stanford University in California to attend the 2008 Intercollegiate Taiko Invitationals.  This was the 14th annual gathering of collegiate Taiko players from across the country, which started in 1995 [...]

Site Launch: TCNJ AAA

MTW @ 10:29 pm on August 16, 2007

I’m proud to announce the release of the latest project, the new website for the TCNJ Asian American Association (TCNJ AAA)! This site is a complete redesign of the old site, employing a number of new technologies. The initial design took about 1 month to get from a drawing on paper to the form [...]

Chorale’s Spring Break ’07 Trip to the Pacific NW

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MTW @ 10:29 pm on March 8, 2007

From Saturday, March 10th to Sunday, March 17th, I will be on a trip to the Pacific North West, touring with The College of New Jersey’s Chorale. We’ll be singng a bunch of concerts (some with other choral groups), doing clinics with local high schools, etc. Sat. 10th – Fly to Portland, OR – departure [...]

My Discrete Professor on Circular Arguments

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MTW @ 5:12 pm on September 25, 2006

“Circular arguments really annoy me. How can you start off a proof with the statement of the result? If I claimed I could prove kangaroos are fish and began my demonstration with the statement ‘well obviously kangaroos are fish‘ you would scoff at my proof. However, most students see nothing wrong with the same foolishness [...]

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