Chorale’s Spring Break ’07 Trip to the Pacific NW

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MTW @ 10:29 pm on March 8, 2007

From Saturday, March 10th to Sunday, March 17th, I will be on a trip to the Pacific North West, touring with The College of New Jersey’s Chorale. We’ll be singng a bunch of concerts (some with other choral groups), doing clinics with local high schools, etc. Sat. 10th – Fly to Portland, OR – departure [...]

Cruise to Alaska, Summer ’06

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MTW @ 9:54 pm on July 11, 2006

The first few days were pretty normal. The seas were calm, so the rocking was minimal and you could hardly tell you were on a boat. I spent some of my time checking out the teen program, and the rest of it learning where everything on the boat was.


Trip To Alaska

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MTW @ 2:55 am on July 2, 2006

Well we made it here safe to Seattle, and have had a fun two days so far. I decided that it made more sense to write one long entry about the rest of the trip after it actually happens – the whole blog-by-day thing was taking too long anyway. So the pictures from Seattle can [...]

Friday: Long Plane Ride, Space Needle, Etc.

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MTW @ 2:47 am on July 1, 2006

Well I’ll try to make this short, because I’ve been up for way too long and I desperately need sleep… Got out of the house around 9, swung by Katie’s to pick her up, then it was off to Newark Int. We waited around at the gate (we had about 3 hours to kill) playing [...]

On Hiatus: Cruise to Alaska

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MTW @ 9:26 pm on June 29, 2006

I’m leaving tomorrow for the family cruise from Seattle to Alaska. It should be fun – I’m looking forward to a break. It’ll be a number of firsts for me, including my first time on a cruise, my first time west of Ohio or north of Toronto, as well as various other things. Here’s the [...]

Williamsburg Trip, Easter ’06

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MTW @ 1:00 am on April 14, 2006

See the pictures here. 04/21/06 3:00PM Well Busch Gardens was fun… The past two days we went there, played in the game room, gone in the pool, and got a round or two of tennis in. Tonight’s the last night/packing night, and we’re leaving tomorrow before noon. Hopefully I’ll be home around 8PM, if all [...]