Favorite Mashups of 2007

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MTW @ 10:25 pm on January 8, 2008

This past year spawned so many great mashups that I felt I needed to list a few of my favorites. A Plus D (Mims vs. Def Leppard) – Pour Some Hot Sugar DJ Earworm (Madonna vs. Cher vs. Whitney Houston vs. George Krantz) – Believe Somebody A Plus D (Soulja Boy vs. The Go-Go’s) – [...]

I Turn to Mice

Category: mashups,Personal
MTW @ 9:15 am on December 19, 2007

香香-“老鼠爱大米 “(Xiang Xiang – “Lao Shu Ai Da Mi (Mouse Loves Rice)”) + Cristina Aguilera – “I Turn To You” = DJ MTW – “I Turn To Mice” [mp3 format, 6.67MB] After being introduced to the 杨臣刚 version by WoK a month or two ago, 老鼠爱大米 quickly became a staple on my playlist. At some [...]

Immaculata High School Christmas Concert 2007 Recording

Category: band
MTW @ 3:48 am on

mtwstudios.com (with help from Kyle Bassett) is proud to be offering professional CD recordings of this year’s concert for purchase! Much like other years’ recordings, except… better (and less expensive, for that matter)! The format (packaging and style) will be much like last years, for those of you who bought one. Included on the recording [...]

Paralyze Me Out

Category: mashups,Personal
MTW @ 2:55 pm on September 30, 2007

Finger Eleven’s “Paralyzer” + Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out” = DJ MTW – “Paralyze Me Out” [MP3 download, 4.28MB] This is my second attempt at remixing/mashup, after When It’s Upside Down. The sound quality isn’t that great in this one either, since I didn’t have the best source to work with. If I ever get [...]

Site Launch: TCNJ AAA

Category: mtwstudios.com,TCNJ
MTW @ 10:29 pm on August 16, 2007

I’m proud to announce the release of the latest mtwstudios.com project, the new website for the TCNJ Asian American Association (TCNJ AAA)! This site is a complete redesign of the old site, employing a number of new technologies. The initial design took about 1 month to get from a drawing on paper to the form [...]

Initial Thoughts: authoritysites.com

Category: Tech
MTW @ 12:27 pm on August 10, 2007

So recently I was sent a link to the site authoritysites.com. Someone was interested in using them for advertising for a site I’m working on. Something didn’t seem right about the site however, and I decided to organize my thoughts on why the site was… off. These are things that anyone should be looking for [...]

New Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT

Category: photography
MTW @ 12:34 pm on June 22, 2007

So I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a real digital camera, Canon’s Digital Rebel XT. Canon Digital Rebel XT (with 18-55mm f/4-5.6 II Lens) Canon 35-80mm f/4-5.6 III lens that came with a Rebel GII I got off eBay Canon 50mm prime f/1.8 SanDisk Ultra II 2GB CompactFlash Card Opteka Battery Pack Grip [...]

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